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CLEVELAND (January 28, 2003) - Did you ever wonder what happened to Ralphy's=
Red Ryder BB Gun after the filming of Christmas Story was finished?  Where i=
the oversized fringe scarf worn by cast member Theresa Piteo in Jacques Brel=
is Alive and Well and Living in Paris?  What happens to many of the costumes=
and props after a theater or film production is completed is sometimes a=20
mystery.  Perhaps some of them end up in storage, goodwill or maybe even in=20
Debbie Reynolds' closet?

A movement to collect and archive costumes pieces, props, and other related=20
items from locally shot big screen films and notable Cleveland theater=20
productions is currently underway -a task that has not really been addressed=
 With the help of various theater artists, organizations and supporters of=20
the Cleveland performing arts, publicist Jeon Francis has been moving forwar=
to preserve a part of the city's cultural history.  "After a production=20
closes, items, including highly recognizable ones, too often get lost in the=
shuffle," says Ali Hernan, resident costume designer for The Halle Theatre=20
and Beck Center for the Cultural Arts,

The archive collection has recently been started with the current goal of=20
locating and/or obtaining as many items as possible from notable area=20
productions.  Individuals and organizations will also have access to these=20
items for their own short-term public projects upon request.  "Cleveland=20
seems to get overlooked a lot as far as the talent," adds Hernan.  "These=20
archives will showcase Cleveland and give people locally and from elsewhere=20=
glimpse of that talent."=20

The long-term goal of the archive collection is to have the items displayed=20
in a public venue (such as a Hard Rock Caf=E9 type space or coffee bar simil=
to Talkies in Ohio City).  "I believe when it comes time to display the=20
collection, it will proudly represent our city's cultural history.  The=20
collection will also honor many of those throughout the years that have=20
contributed their talents to Cleveland's film and theater community," says=20
collection organizer Jeon Francis. =20

"These archives are a great way for designers and technicians in the theatre=
community to not only have our work preserved, but also view and appreciate=20
the work of our colleagues," says freelance costume designer Jenniver=20
Sparano.  She has designed for such shows as The Dying Gaul; Fences; The=20
Fantasticks; The Gin Game, and others.  Francis adds, "A space to display th=
collection may not be secured for several years, but at least the process of=
preserving has been started."  Aside from beginning to contact various film=20
and theater companies, Francis has also been in contact with the Cleveland=20
Film Commission and the Western Reserve Historical Society to consider how=20
these organizations could be involved with the project.

*Note: Jenniver is spelled correctly.

"The archive collection is very new in its development, and I feel the idea=20
has a lot of growth potential.  I am very happy to begin and work on this=20
project in my spare time.  Even if I'm not the one who develops the space,=20
the collection will be started for someone who will," says Francis.  In the=20
meantime, as items are donated to the archives, they are tagged, properly=20
packaged and stored.  In addition to the items that have already been=20
furnished to the archives, there is a list of items available to the=20
collection on a loan only basis.

Theater and Film Archives to Focus on Cleveland, Page 2

The items listed below have been furnished to the collection archive:

Hey City Theater/Playhouse Square Center -Cleveland's longest-running=20
Tony n' Tina's Wedding (September 7, 2000-December 1, 2002)
=B7   One of the original wedding dresses, veil, shoes and accessories worn=20=
actor Nicolle Saccone, who played the role of Tina Vitale.
=B7   Three of the original bridesmaid dresses.

Beck Center for the Cultural Arts presented the first licensed production in=
the United States,
Floyd Collins (May 28 - June 29, 1999)
=B7   Pair of worker gloves worn by actor David Robeano, who played the role=
Floyd Collins.
=B7   White 1920s dress, worn by actor Rebecca Marks (Schaberg at the time),=
who played the role of Nellie Collins.

Beck Center for the Cultural Arts garnered a lot of attention and publicity=20
for their production of=20
Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show (July 14 - August 13, 2000)=20
=B7   A pair of red vinyl gloves and accessories, worn in the show, by actor=
Bob Simon, who played the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter (Dan Folino was the=20
alternate Frank).
=B7   Purple holographic bikini and accessories worn by actor Laval Jones, w=
played the role of Rocky.
=B7   Three piece sequined outfit and accessories worn by actor Katie Muelle=
who played the role of Columbia.

Aside from the productions that are listed above, Jeon Francis is requesting=
that the public submit their suggestions of locally shot big screen films an=
notable theater productions that they would like to see recognized in the=20

Please include as much information about your suggestion, especially if you=20
know of a contact person.  You can submit your suggestions and information t=
eye2wonder at aol.com.  Please include Archive Collection in the subject line.

Please direct any media related questions to Jeon Francis at (216) 281.7451.



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