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MAD Vista Productions is casting principals, support and background for an
action drama feature film to be shot in Cleveland, Ohio (Sept/Oct. 2013).
Derived from the eclectic styles of Pulp Fiction, The West Wing and The Girl
with the Dragon Tattoo, the story revolves around a femme fatale
entrepreneur seeking visceral vengeance for past ghosts and present
obligations during government's failure to act. 



LEAD/PRINCIPAL ROLE                                              

R.A.: Petite, mixed-race to light brown-skin, female, 32. Athletic, Stunts,
French-speaking (minimal). Role: Creole female vigilante



P.C.: Half Puerto Rican, 1/4 Vietnamese, 1/4 Chinese male, 27-30. Stunts.
Role: arrogant, IT Expert. 

B.K.: Anglo-American male, 24-27. Stunts. Role: gang Leader.         

S.M.: Light (pref.) to Medium Dark Brown Skin, African American-Asian (pref.
Korean) male, 28-30, Stunts. Role: gang Leader.


SUPPORTING ROLES                                                 

F.D.: Anglo-Irish-Spanish male, 45. Role: single-leg amputee (re: Desert
Storm Vet) police detective. 

R.C.: Afro-Canadian/Australian/Brit male, 35. Role: wealthy, principled
entrepreneur; Renee's lover.                 

 B.J.: White male, 27-30. Role: world adventurous, mountain-climbing,
white-collar IT Expert.                                          

D.K.: Blonde, White female, 33-37. Stunts. Role:  manipulative,

T.G.: Brown-skinned, African American male, 30-32. Role: Lead's ex-husband.


FEATURED ROLES                                                   

Narrator: The Voice!                                             

J.B.: White American Male, Late 50s. Role: blind police detective.

M.E. - Arab female, 24. Role: Joe Barker's deaf police detective partner.

J.B.: Black Latino male, 25. Role: Gang Member

L.J.: African American male, 27. Very full-bodied. Role: Gang Member

D.M.: Italian male, 25. Role: Gang Member

M.K.: White male, 23. Role: Gang Member

C.A.: African American male, 29. Role: Gang Member

C.W.: White, Latino male, 28. Role: Gang Member

S.P.: White Latino male, 28. Role: Gang Member

T.B.: African American male, 19-23. Role: Gang Member                      

J.L.: Asian (pref. Chinese) male, 13                                        

K.J.: Black male, 10. Role: Youth baseball team player

P.B.: Black male, 11. Role: Youth baseball team player

S.V.: Asian Indian male, 33. Role: bank loan officer

A.A.: Dark skin African male, 30. French-speaking (minimal). Role: lead's

E.A.: Light-skinned African American female, 28-30. Role: lead's mother

R.A.: Mixed-race to light brown-skin, 8. Role: lead as a child, 8

M.M.: Asian (pref. Chinese) American Female, 26. Role: Admin Assistant

M.S.1.: Male, 27-31. Role: Office Staff

M.S.2.: Male, 27-31. Role: Office Staff

F.S: Female, 27-31. Role: Office Staff

D.D.: Black-brown skin female, 23-29. Role: Type-A personality, Drug Dealer

M.P.: Male, 27-31. Role: Lover

T.K.: Black dark-skin female, 32-34. Role: Lesbian Couple

T.G.: Latino 25-27 female. Role: Lesbian Couple

S.M.C.: Afro-Caribbean male, 13. Role: S.M. (Secondary lead) as a child

B.G.: Latino female, 19-21. Role: Lead's girlfriend:

V.A.: Open. Male, 45ish. Role: Baseball Team 1 Coach

J.S.: Male, 40+. Role: Therapist/Psychiatrist

J.I..: Female, 20-35. Role: Rick Carson's girlfriend


BACKGROUND ROLES                                                 

Kids Baseball Team 1: 7 Males, all ethnicities, 10-12.

Kids Baseball Team 2: 7 Males, all ethnicities, 10-12.

P.T.: White male, 27.

F.D.W.: Non-white female 37-41. Role: wife

F.D.S.: Mixed-race male, 8. Role: son                          

F.D.D.: Mixed-race female, 10. Role: daughter 

B.M.: Afro-Caribbean female, 55. Role: Grandmother

B.B..: Open. Role: Baseball Team 2 Coach 

J.T.: White female, red-head, 15. Role: rape victim

Restaurant Maitre De: Open, professional, clean-cut.



***See future updates ***





Scheduled Auditions: 

               Saturday (3rd): Completed

               Sunday (4th): Completed

               Saturday (10th): Open

               Sunday (4th): Open

Sides shall be supplied prior to audition.


Rehearsals (Actor Dependent): Tue-Thursday (August 20-September 19)

Shoot Dates (Actor Dependent): Weekends (September 7th - October 13)


Compensation: Principals/Supporting (TBD); Background (copy and credit).

Resume, head shot, body shot, reel links (if available) can be emailed to:
thepeopledept at madvista.com.

For more information register at http://www.madvista.com/Contact_Us.html



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead


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