[NEohioPAL] In the studio

Al Diamond Phillips admin at aldiamondphillips.com
Tue Jan 21 08:44:34 PST 2014

I have been in the studio, working on the vocals for the next
song for the Detroit Rock Tribute. The song is an Iggy Pop tune,
and I was skeptical as to whether I could do it justice. I
typically am a little more over the top when it comes to vocals,
and late 60s Iggy Pop is anything but over the top vocally.
however, there is beauty in the simplicity of the lyrics and
vocals. Obviously Iggy has had an incredible long career, there
is no doubt he has an appeal much deeper than whats on the
surface. I am really enjoying it. It gives me a chance to not
only sing in a way I might not choose to do on my own stuff, but
also produce the vocals in ways I may not have either. all in all
its a lot of fun working on this stuff, and I cant wait to share

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