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Poets, lets work together to get your work spread worldwide with my guerilla poetry project, POETIC PLAGUE PROJECT.
The poets who have worked with me in the past have had their work spread here:

The Great Wall of China, Qutob Minar monument in India, Shree Lakshminarayan Temple in Singapore, Besakih Temple (Mother Temple) in Indonesia, Shillin Night Market in Taiwan, The Forbidden City in China, Bayon Temple in Cambodia, Củ Chi Tunnels in Vietnam, Jalan Batu Caves in Malaysia, inside exhibitis at the Cleveland Museum of Art and so many more!


The term ‘plague’ is described as the widespread influx or outbreak of a highly infectious, usually fatal, epidemic disease. The PPP is a marketing strategy that exists to bring the poetry of the underground and small press poets of the world to the mainstream. To do this, our project seeks the help of volunteers internationally, known as Carriers, to employ guerilla-art tactics to ‘spread the word’ of our Poets around the world. The PPP involves planting poetry in unexpected places to be found by unsuspecting readers, creating publishing opportunities where none currently exist.

Poetry for the POETIC PLAGUE PROJECT is published in one way:
NANO TUBES: Poetry is printed on small strips of paper and rolled up into 3/8" x 1 ½ water-proof, dust-proof plastic tubes. The strips are cut from 8.5x11 piece of Wausau Brand 'Planetary Purple' computer paper. The strip of paper will include your poem and name, the PPP circular germ logo, and the sentence, "Spread the word!," with a website link to this page. Text will be printed with a size 3, Arial font; the work is intended to be read with a magnify glass. MICROSCOPIC words to mimic MICRO-ORGANISMS.

If you would like to purchase the Poetic Plague Poetry Package and have your poetry printed 
(you may have up to TWO poems printed) please send your work to me at PoeticPlagueProject at Aol.com 
with the subject line "My Germ." Send your poetry work as an attachment with exact specifications of layout
and alignment (I will do the best I can to keep things exact), your author name, and how many
of each poem you sent you want printed within the 50 made. Remember, 50 are printed but you only recieve 25.
You will be contacted immediately.

-No fees to submit your work
-No compensation or royalties

(You are required to pay a one time fee of $25.00 [$2.00 s&h] to be sent via Paypal 
through the BUY NOW button below. This is to assist in the cost of printing, 
nano tubes, and work hours to distribute your work.) This package includes:

          -(50) of your poems being printed and packaged inside nano-tubes
          -You will receive (25) of those prints inside nano-tubes [I take and spread the other 25]
          -You will receive (2) 8x7 x 0.5 inches; 5oz. plastic magnifying glasses
          -You will receive an informational pamphlet describing the PPP
           including a HOST LOG to mark the locations you have spread
           your poem, and a LAB REPORT to identify the details of your
           poetic STRAIN.

PPP website

PPP on Facebook

Sincerely, Brandon Stroud
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