[NEohioPAL] Audition: USC Director Seeking Male Actors for Short Film: Paid

Charlie Benson via NEohioPAL neohiopal at lists.neohiopal.org
Mon Jul 14 09:14:07 PDT 2014

We are seeking two male actors, 50 years of age or older, to represent
retired men in their 70's.

Our short film, Esther's Grove, tells the story of two old acquaintances
who go on a hike to visit the burial site of Esther, a woman they had both
been married to at different periods in their lives.  As they reminisce,
one of the men reveals that he was having an affair with Esther while the
other two were married.  A small brawl ensues before their frailty and age
gets the better of them.

We are slated for production AUGUST 11 - 13.  We'll be shooting at the
Cleveland Metroparks Bedford Reservation.

Auditions will be held August 1st and 2nd and will be scheduled on a
personal basis over email.  If interested, please contact us at the email
below and provide a resume and head shot.  We offer a $250 stipend for each

Charlie Benson

BFA Film and Television Production
University of Southern California
cwbenson at usc.edu
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