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>From Prelude2Cinema LLC
UPDATE TO OUR POSTING FOR PROMO MODELS: This is an Unpaid position. It is not very demanding. You will be asked to hand out some info to our guests, but other than that, there are "no lines to learn." We are doing an hour long interactive meeting about "Branded Entertainment" to help Local Business Owners see the benefits of using dramatic productions to market their businesses. We are in production with a new TV series and will be working with a budget (most likely non-union, but there will be some pay and we will work with unions for certain talent).

As an actor myself, I have worked for pay and no pay. While it is very desirable to get paid, sometimes one does a "job" for the opportunity and/ or experience. As a producer/ director, we are working on gathering business sponsors and investors so we can always offer some type of payment or compensation. Not an easy task in this town as any filmmaker can tell you.

We will assume since other producers and filmmakers post here asking for Volunteer talent, that no one will attack us for doing the same. Of course, this is the Internet, so people do like to attack others at times. Someone really should make a movie about that. 

Nevertheless, Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Alex P. Michaels
Prelude2Cinema LLC.

Prelude2Cinema LLC, a Movie and Marketing Company, is seeking 4 to 6 Attractive and Stylish Female and Male Models for our "Branded Entertainment Business Event" to greet Business Owners. The event will be August 7th 2014 from 5pm to 8pm in Shaker Heights, Ohio and you will be needed for only a few hours.

Promotional experience is helpful, but not necessary. Unpaid position. Great exposure available. 


If you have Tattoos or Piercings, they should be able to be covered up.
We would like Models who can have the style of Old Hollywood.
For info and details, email Alex P. Michaels ASAP at alexmichaels at prelude2cinema.com

For more info on Branded Entertainment and Prelude2Cinema, visit
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