[NEohioPAL] Eve 'n' Stephen gigs this weekens start tonight!

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Thu Jul 17 05:12:57 PDT 2014

Eve 'n' Stephen gigs this weekend start Thursday, tonight, at Mayfield Library, 500 Som Center Road, 7 pm, all ages welcome for singing and general merriment.  Friday night we will be at Coventry PEACE Park at 6 pm, singing songs of romance and heartache before the 7 pm performance of Cleveland Shakespeare's " Romeo & Juliet", starring our very own neighbor, the lovely Miranda Coble. SATURDAY WE WILL BE PUTTING TOGETHER A STAGE on our property in Cleveland Heights during the Grant Deming Street Sale, 9 am - 3 pm. General mayhem and music may follow :):) Sunday we will be at The North Union Farmer's  Market in Chagrin Falls from 10 am to 1 pm. Hopefully, the temps will rise and the sun will shine this weekend. Peace, love, and Namaste Cleveland :):)
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