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Korneluk Films
Video Production For You! 


As an actor you would like people to know your work and see you in action. When auditioning for a role you wish you could show the casting director more than your headshot and resume. Well an Acting Demo Reel is what you need. 

With an Acting Demo Reel you can show people the experience you have already. You can have it online to the public, show it to the casting directors, or even have it for people to see you in action, even before auditioning! 

Korneluk Films has a deal for you! We will work with you to create the perfect reel you want at a good price!


$75 Basic Reel - With this deal you will receive your demo reel including: video clips of your work, titles, basic graphics, a DVD and file copy, free publicity of your video on kornelukfilms.com, and a running time of 2-2:30 minutes. 

$100 Thrilling Reel - With this deal you will receive your demo reel with more of whatever you would like including: video clips of your work, pictures of you/your work, (animated) titles, music (if wanted), (more) graphics, added shapes or coloring, a monologue performed by you, the option of recording you in action on set or stage of a current project,  a DVD and file copy, free publicity of your video on kornelukfilms.com, and a running time of 2- 5 minutes. 

Here’s an example of a Basic Reel - Cole Kornell - Acting Reel 2014
Cole Kornell - Acting Reel 2014  
View on youtu.be Preview by Yahoo  

Other types of Reels or Promotional Videos are also available with Korneluk Films! 

If you want an Acting Demo Reel or have any other proposal or question email Korneluk Films or visit our website!  

Email - kornelukfilm at gmail.com    Website - http://www.kornelukfilms.com

Hope to work with you! 

Cole Kornell
Actor/Filmmaker & 
Owner of Korneluk Films
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