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*Auditions for Clague Playhouse's The Ghost Train*

Mark your calendars: auditions for the first show of Clague Playhouse's
88th season will take place on Tuesday, June 23 and Wednesday, June 24 at
7:30 p.m. Arnold Ridley's gripping *The Ghost Train* (1923) is set in a
gloomy English train station, where nine stranded travelers become
increasingly more uneasy about the phantom the stationmaster claims appears
on the tracks each night.

Director Ron Newell is casting the following roles:


*Teddie Deakin*: mid 30s to 40s. A "silly-ass" type.

*Saul Hodgkin*: 50s. The curmudgeonly stationmaster.

*Richard Winthrop*: 30 to 40. Elsie's domineering husband.

*Charles Murdock*: early 20s. Well set-up, pleasant, newly married to Peggy.

*Herbert Price*: 50s. A businessman...and something more.

*John Sterling*: 40s to 50s. A doctor, Price's friend...and again, something

*Inspector Jackson*: 30s to 40s. The long arm of the law.

Two *Police Officers*


*Miss Bourne*: 60 or above. A severe-looking spinster.

*Julia Price*: late 20s. Fluttery bordering on hysterical.

*Elsie Winthrop*: late 20s: Self-reliant with a bit of a temper, married to

*Peggy Murdock*: early 20s. Newly married to Charles.

Review copies of the script are available at the Box Office for a $10
deposit. Auditions will be held at Clague Playhouse, 1371 Clague Road in
Westlake, Ohio. Please bring a current headshot and résumé if available.
Performances will take place from September 18 through October 11 at 8:00
p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and 2:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Questions? Please call the Box Office at 440-331-0403.

Katherine Harper, Ph.D.
ccepting editing, writing, and research projects as *To the Letter
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