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    Dancing Wheels Company & School 
 Class Description

11:00 am-12:00 pm---Contemporary Ballet. Contemporary ballet is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. It employs classical ballet technique, but allows greater range of movement of the upper body and is not constrained to the rigorously defined body lines and forms found in traditional, classical ballet. Students will work on posture, balance, strength, agility, and fluidity in this class.

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm---Performance Ensemble. A class for students who are interested in performance opportunities throughout Cleveland. To participate in the Performance Ensemble, students are expected to attend at least one technique class and must be in attendance at every rehearsal unless prior notice is given. This group has showcased their talents at the Tolerance Fair, Baldwin Wallace half time shows, Autism 4D, and on stage alongside the Dancing Wheels Professional Company. (All Ages)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm -----Jazz Funk, also called Street Jazz, borrows a lot of movement from other dance styles. From ballet, modern and hip-hop to lyrical, jazz funk incorporates little bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps it into a funky style that is both fun and expressive! Students will take movements and combine them with current pop culture music.

Monthly Pricing
 1 Class per Week: $40.00 per Month 2 Classes per Week: $65.00 per Month 3 Classes per Week: $80.00 per Month
 $10 Registration Fee for First Time Students
 All Class Fees Are Due at The Beginning of Each Month
 Classes Begin on September 12, 2015 Class Location
 Dancing Wheels Studios 3615 Euclid Avenue, 3rd Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44115
 Three ways to register: visit www.dancingwheels.org/documents/class.pdf to download registration form, email Emma Parker at school at dancingwheels.org, or call (216) 432-0306. 

Emma Parker 
School Coordinator/Administrator
Dancing Wheels Company & School 
3615 Euclid Ave. 
Cleveland Ohio, 44115
(phone) 216.432.0306 (fax) 216.432.0308
school at dancingwheels.org
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