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Thu Sep 3 10:18:41 PDT 2015

Hey everyone,

Just thought you'd all want to know about a new book club podcast that is
starting up here this month!

The Grown-Up Geek, an online geek variety magazine, is starting a monthly
book club featuring some of the best in new geeky literature. All you have
to do to participate is procure a copy of the book (whether it be from your
local library or wherever else) and send any questions, or comments, (just
like you'd provide at a book club meeting) to podcast at thegrownupgeek.com.

The goal is to get the author to participate in a chat about the book each
month and feature your comments and questions!

For more details:


Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Justin Brenis
Co-Founder, *Pixel Perfect*, *The Grown-Up Geek*
c. 216.469.9317
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