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Mon Jan 11 11:19:01 PST 2016


This is not your usual dance class!!

Classes are now open for those of us who would like to advance our dance
skills, get a little exercise OR just like to dance -- but do not have
options to do so or do not wish to attend a structured class.

Come and journey with us as we learn choreography and combinations to all
types of songs -- and have loads of fun!

Call 440-930-4782—for class times and dates—or email singingvic at gmail.com to
get started!  Classes are currently being held at the United Church of
Christ in  Avon Lake.

Check us out on Facebook!   Ask Vicki for specials and discounts!


Classes are available for Adults - Seniors - Special Needs - kids.......if
you can Move then you can Groove!
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