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SingStark, a no-audition, no-commitment choir, will be singing
'Heartless' by Kanye West, and 'Let It Snow' by Jule Styne and Sammy
Cahn on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. SingStark is perfect for anyone who
loves to sing and those who secretly love to sing in the shower and in
the car. SingStark is hosted each month at The Canton Brewing Company,
227 Market Ave. N. For the beer connoisseurs in attendance, Canton
Brewing will have these on tap: Tuscora American Pilsner, Carpe Noctem
Coffee Porter, Tiny Tusc German Kölsch, Winter Bock, Cascade American
Pale Ale, and Black Jack Munich Dünkel. 

SingStark meets every third Wednesday of each month. How can you
participate in SingStark? The first step is to _#FindTheDoor_ to The
Canton Brewing Company Speakeasy and pay a five-dollar cover charge. The
second step is to _#JustSing_. It is that simple. Inspired by similar
groups such as Pop-Up Chorus in Durham, North Carolina, SingStark is an
easy and fun way for would-be singers to enjoy singing with a group, but
without the time commitment required from a traditional choir. Make some
great Speakeasy memories at the Canton Brewery by singing together with
friends to your favorite songs, while enjoying great beer dating back to
the 1880s. 

Participants in SingStark will learn two popular songs each month, which
they perform, record, and film on the same night. Singers can also find
out if they got captured on film by checking out the SingStark Youtube
page. It is never the same group twice - meet new people, sing old and
new songs! 

For more information, check out www.voicesofcanton.org/singstark. Also,
follow us on facebook.com/singstark, or use search for @singstark on
Twitter and Instagram. 

Contact: Carol Olson 

colson at voicesofcanton.org 

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