[NEohioPAL] Wake Up And Live: Life Skills Counseling - A Metaphysical, Higher Level Approach

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Wake Up And Live:  Life Skills Counseling - A Metaphysical Approach
. Life Skills Counseling inspires and enlightens you to live your highest best life. Discover the psychology of overcoming fear, failure & false hope. Inspirational advice and practical guidance to help you move forward in your total life. An approach which can help you enhance your artistry.. Become a Lifestyle “Makeover Masterpiece.” By appointmentwakeupandlives at gmail.com Option: Sun sign analysis and interpretation. Thought for the day .  “To thine own self be true.”  Sue Johnson.  Director, Wake Up And Live’s Actors’ Studio                        Producer, Director “Wake Up  and Live with the Arts.”  
     Would you like Sue Johnson to speak to your discussion group?     Would you like to have a private life coaching session?     wakeupandlives at gmail.com 
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