[NEohioPAL] Big THANKS to the 99 contributors (thus far) that have donated to NEohioPAL's annual campaign for support.

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Thu Jan 14 04:55:09 PST 2016

*Check out this link
to view the names of people and organizations (thus far) that have chosen
to contribute to the annual drive to support Neohiopal.*


Dear Subscribers,

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season.

NEohioPAL is now in its 18th year of providing people like you a valuable
tool that draws together Northeast Ohio's arts community.

Your donation keeps this unique performing arts resource alive and free to
all readers and posters.

Last year a modest number (around 1.8%) of NEohioPAL supporters generously
helped us defray costs.

NEohioPAL supporters are performers, artists and arts lovers who recognize
the value of staying in touch with our region's arts scene.  They are also
people who realize that we have some very real expenses: web hosting,
bandwidth, utilities, supplies and our time keeping the site free of SPAM
and running smoothly.

If you have ever learned of an audition, found a job, promoted your event
or had a great night out at a performance, please consider supporting our
efforts through a donation.

To donate, please go to http://www.fredsternfeld.com/support-neohiopal/. At
that site you will find the Paypal link to volunteer your financial support
- OR - mail a check (put your email address in the check's memo section so
we can acknowledge your donation and thank you on the contributors's page)
made out to "NEohioPAL, Ltd." and send it to:

NEohioPAL, Ltd.
c/o Fred Sternfeld
24021 Halburton Rd.
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Any amount ($5 or $10 is fine) is helpful. If you are able to do more, even
better. Here are suggestions to help you decide what to donate:

14 cents per day = $50 per year
20 cents per day = $75 per year
*27 cents per day = $100 per year*
*50 cents per day = $182.50 per year*
*1 dollar per day = $365 per year*

Thanks for your participation in making the arts scene in Northeast Ohio
vibrant and collaborative.

Warm Regards,

Fred Sternfeld <http://www.fredsternfeld.com/>
NEohioPAL founder and administrator

Noah Budin <http://www.noahbudin.com/>
NEohioPAL associate administrator

P.S.  We will post this message to NEohioPAL several times over the next
few weeks.  After that, we will not do a direct "ask" again until January
of next year. If a modest donation is not in your budget this
month, information on how to support NEohioPAL will always be in the footer
of each message.

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