[NEohioPAL] Attention! All Aspiring & Experienced Actors. It's time to get serious about your craft. Time to hone your skills and techniques.

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 Attention! All Aspiring & Experienced Actors.  It's time to get serious about your craft. Time to hone your skills and techniques.Directors are concerned about the need for more  quality training & professional etiquette.Master the Art:"
   Monologue & Character Development, Theatre & On-Camera Auditions & ActingPrivate Coaching If you are an aspiring or experienced actor pursuing your passion, or career in the creative arts,   “Master the Art” coaching can help you learn or hone your artistic craft & the business basics of being a professional..  “Master the Art:” Monologue Development.  “Master the Art:” Character Development            .   “Master the Art:” Theatre Auditioning           .   “Master the Art:” Theatre Acting            .  “Master the Art:” On-camera Auditioning           .   “Master the Art:” On-camera Acting                                                   “Master the Art” private coaching helps you improve            .   Performance Preparation            .   Performance Power           .   Professional Etiquette      Private Coaching by appointment. Fees     Option:  Sun sign analysis & interpretation to give you insights & help you do your craft work.      Coach:      Sue Johnson, SAG/AFTRA             Exec. Director, Wake Up And Live’s Actors’ Studio (WUAL)     Producer, Director “Wake Up And Live with the Arts”                      wakeupandlives at gmail.com         Ask us about our WUAL Performances & Presentations.  Custom designed for your event.   Thought for the day.  “To thine own self be true.”
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