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Dear NE Ohio Film Enthusiasts,

On Friday, April 21, join us for a screening of “Lux in Tenebris” feature
film - directed by Cleveland’s own B. R. Tatalović (film artist and media
faculty at Cuyahoga Comm College), written by Alex Russo (actress,
recording artist, and educator), produced by Tatalović, Russo, and Deborah
Ochwat. Growing up with traumatic childhood memories, two Cleveland sisters
seek an eternal light in a world of darkness. “Lux in Tenebris”
dramatically and metaphorically explores various socio-cultural issues in
American society (interracial relationships, religion, love, hate,
hypocrisy). If you love non-mainstream drama and "slightly controversial
study of humans", you’ll find it in this independent film.

Hollywood's veteran Oscar® nominee Eric Roberts leads the cast of 50 Ohio
actors, and guest-actors from Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. The music was
recorded by Cleveland’s Meg Stepka, Marc James, Mechanics of Things, Matt
Skitzki, C.J. Money Hog, and Peach Martine, including several international
recording artists. The screening will be followed by Q&A with the
filmmakers and actors; also, by attending you will receive a coupon for
free DVD.

See trailer at:

Visit facebook fan site at:

Details and film's data at:

Tickets and Rating

The tickets are 10.00 and could be purchased in advance, by ordering
through Atlas online ticketing (the link is included on this event page -
above; click and select April 21 show at 8pm). The film's suggested rating
is "R" (contains some foul language, brief scenes of violence, implied
sexual content, and partial nudity). Advanced ticket ordering (look for
April 21 show):


Any questions - don't reply to this email; contact producer:
Tatalovic at gmail.com
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