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If you’ve seen me on Facebook, or read my two previous posts on this list, then I’m sure you know thatI’m running an Indiegogo campaign. If not, I’m telling you now.

I’m running this campaign to support two music recording projects:one, an album of satirical songs called “Ballad of the Bowling Green Massacreand Other Alternative Folk Songs”, and the other titled “Only Love”, acollection of new music in the vein of my previous CDs “Hallelujah Land” and “Metaphor”.

I don’t want you tomiss this opportunity to become a part of the team that will help me and myteam of talented musicians, writers, producers, and studio engineers bring newmusic with important messages into the world. The world needs as much art andbeauty as it can get right now, and as artists, we are all doing that. This is one more way you can facilitate that.

I’m making a direct appeal to you on two fronts, really.One, of course, is that I hope you’ll contribute financially to one or both ofthe projects. When you click on this link, you’ll see several levels at whichyou can contribute, starting at just $5.00. 

The other way in which you can help is by spreading theword. Please share this link on your social media. A personal note from youhelps to define the project, why you support it (financially or morally), andwhy you think others should support it. (This is a great way to help support this project if you are unable to financially.) If you are on, or run, any Facebookpages, blogs, websites, chat groups, etc., please consider sharing it there,too. Another way to help spread the word is old fashioned word-of-mouth. Tellsomeone about it. In person. If you have an opportunity to speak to a group ofpeople, and you feel it would be appropriate, tell them about it (and make surethey know where to find the link). And, yet another, and possibly veryeffective way, is to make a direct appeal to a friend or acquaintance of yours. Reach out to one or two people personally anddescribe to them why you think they’d enjoy this opportunity to support newmusic.

If you’ve already gotten this message in another format,or have already contributed, thank you, and I apologize for the repetition. 

Thanks for reading.  As Lyndon Johnson said, “Art isa nation’s most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we revealto ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as a nation. Andwhere there is no vision, the people perish.” We need art more than everright now. 


My Indiegogo Campaign 

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