[NEohioPAL] James and the Giant Peach Jr Set for Sale

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Sun Mar 12 11:25:37 PDT 2017

Buckeye Community Theatre in Medina is selling the set from their recent
production of *James and the Giant Peach, Jr. *The set, including
"peach-turntable" and false-proscenium are up for grabs.

Set includes:
Large (approx 12ft) turntable peach w/ center muslin canvas (for
projections on the peach). Peach is weight bearing and secure!
Wave/ Ocean flat proscenium pieces
Orange/white moveable block
Asymmetrical fences (Spiker/Sponge's decrepit garden)
4 luan trees

The set is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, and makes a
great addition to any theatre space for this and future productions.

Set will be available after April 2, 2017. Buyer is responsible for

Seeking $600 for the entire set, including projection design.

Email director at bctohio.org or call 330-321-1679 if interested.

Amanda Zisk
Artistic Director
Buckeye Community Theatre
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