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Renaissance Community Theater is pleased to announce:
Written & Directed by Angela Spring

Audition Dates:
3/18/17 @ 2PM – 5PM
3/25/17 @ 2PM –5PM
3/27/17 @ 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Performance Date: July 8, 2017
To schedule your audition, email your name and best contact phone number to: renaissancetheater at yahoo.com<mailto:renaissancetheater at yahoo.com>

Check out our website:   https://renaissancetheater.wixsite.com/mysite

Inspired by a recent visit and fed up with her job; Angela, chooses to make a sudden
                               decision to quit her job. However, when her boss entices her to stay, he is quickly
introduced to “facets” of Angela he has never recognized before.

ANGELA  (African American age 20-45 yrs.old)
Frustrated with her job & ready to follow her dreams. She reveals different facets herself

PURPOSE (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Believes everyone was created on purposes but sometimes struggles to believe that abut herself.

SUNSHINE (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Fun & bubbly, she chooses to see the bright side of everything until one day that light goes out.

PISTOL (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Feisty, angry, sometimes uses foul language to express herself

FAITH (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Strong Christian faith, but often tested & broken.

SORRY (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Believes everything negative in her life is her fault. Desires to change.

MASK (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Protector. Uses masks to cover authentic feelings.

SEXY (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Confident, provocative and sometimes unfiltered.

BUTTERFLY (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Her artistic creativity allows her to see the beauty in almost everything

KAREN (African American age 20-60 yrs.old)
Angela’s friend & lawyer, she thinks she’s called to help on a work issue but gets more than she expected.

JERRY(Any ethnicity, age 25-50 yrs.old)
Angela’s boss. He is self-serving and tries to con angela into a project that he plans to use to further his career.

JERRY’S ASSISTANT (Any ethnicity, 18-45 yrs.old)
Follows Jerry’s lead in every decision and is oblivious to what is really happening with Angela.

SINGERS (Any ethnicity, no younger than 12 yrs.old)

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