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*OUTTA THE FIRE:*A Narrative Cooking Show Dramedy
TV Show: Thirteen 23-Minute Episodes

*Outta the Fire *is a TV series looking for actors to fill comedic roles.
Actors who are versed in both comedy and drama are preferred, due to the
sometimes dark nature of the show.
This series is to be shot in the *Cleveland* area throughout spring and
summer, with most shooting days falling on weekends.  The shooting schedule
will be set to work with varying schedules upon final casting.
Positions are currently unpaid and non-Union, but exceptions may be
Actors will need to prepare a short monologue for the audition, and sides
will be provided day of as needed.  Additionally, bring a headshot along
with your contact information (email/phone), height, hair color, eye color,
date of birth, and any additional items you wish to be considered.
To sign up for an audition time, or if you have any questions, you can

*OuttaTheFireTV at gmail.com <OuttaTheFireTV at gmail.com>*

*Audition Location: Skeleton Stewdios, 2570 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH*
*Auditions: Sun, Mar. 12 @ 10 am**Callbacks: Sun, Mar. 26 @ 10 am*

*Additional Accommodations may be made for Online Auditions, but In-Person
will be Preferred.*

“Outta the Fire” tells the story of egotistical ex-celebrity chef Ryan
Goldberg, as he looks for fame once more on the set of a deliciously
unorthodox cooking show.  But his ambitions are hindered by an apathetic
film crew, an incompetent assistant (Dennis Heilman), and the evil
machinations of the show’s producer (who goes only by Joe).  With a solid
recipe of carrot sticks, sexual harassment, bad food puns, and bitter sweet
endings, he’ll be lucky to keep the show from literally burning to the
Welcome to “Outta the Fire”!

*Character Bios:*

*Bree Ono [female] {20-25]*—Supporting Character
If you've ever been to Coachella or the Social Justice Warrior side of
Tumblr, you've probably seen Brie.  She purports the ideologies of
feminism, veganism, and equality, while simultaneously trying to control
and demean those around her.
Scantily clad and promiscuous, she has the ability to tear apart the very
fragile dynamics that keep Ryan, Joe, and Dennis from killing one another.

*Cindi [female] {18-25}*—Supporting Character
Cindi is one of a couple Production Assistant’s on this show.  While she is
a hard worker, willing to do whatever tasks are requested of her, her
irritation grows as she is constantly overlooked by the other cast and
crew.  Even as her frustration grows, it is barely noticed, hidden behind
her diminutive stature and soft voice.

*Pepe [male] [25-40]*—Supporting Character
A flamboyant, alcoholic, Mexican makeup artist, with all the stereotypes
that might come along with that.  He remains an opponent of oppression
(Ryan) and a defender of the weak (Dennis).  With a flick of his scarf, he
will either sass back with a harsh jab or lend a helping bottle of candy
sweet alcohol.

*Interviewer [female] [20-35]*—Supporting Character
With a background in improv comedy and a healthy amount of professionalism,
she comes to interview the cast and crew of "Outta the Fire”.  Upon
realizing how awful they all are though [especially Ryan], she wants
nothing more than to get out.
But little does she know, her hatred for them will bind her to the show in
a way she never would have guessed.

*Olivia [female] [25-40]*—Supporting Character
A beautiful woman that is the object of Ryan's affections.
Always dressed to impress, she's a woman who knows what she wants. With
everything that she says, you can hear her intelligence, and every action
is purposeful.
For her part, she serves as Ryan's cooking assistant in an episode from his
old show. But he treats her, not as he treats his cast and crew now, but as
close to an equal as his ego will allow.

*Deep Voiced Hype Man [male]*—Supporting Character
A disembodied voice that sometimes lends his talents to the cast and crew.
He is a little too exuberant.  When he gets reprimanded for Ryan for just
that flaw, he has no issue with retaliating in the only way he can.

*Gun Store Owner*--Featured Extra
He runs the gun store.

*Craft Services Guy*--Featured Extra
He runs the craft services table. Needs to have a hearty yell.

*Woods Priest*--Featured Extra:
Wears a priests outfit. Marries people in the woods.

*Cloaked Killer*Wears a cloak. Kills people.

*Other Featured Extras*
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