[NEohioPAL] Build a New Industry to support Filmmaking in NEO

alexpmichaels at prelude2cinema.com alexpmichaels at prelude2cinema.com
Thu Dec 28 11:25:51 PST 2017

Build a New Industry to support Filmmaking in NEO
Wanted to reach out and ask for support for Prelude2Cinema. Every dollar counts as we build the Cinema Industry here. We are also supportive of all filmmakers and artists. This is our mission: Strengthening Northeast Ohio’s economy by connecting artists, brands and fans worldwide through a sustainable cinema industry.

Join the Crusade today. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Alex P. Michaels
Cleveland Cinema Czar
"There are no Small Movies,
Only Small Budgets"

To join "The Prelude2Cinema Crusade for a Cinema Industry," visit   http://prelude2cinema.com/wordpress2/join-our-crusade/

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