[NEohioPAL] Shim Sham Workshop Jan 6th

Andrea Trimmer andrealtrimmer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 07:58:59 PST 2017

Wanna learn the Shim Sham? Do you wanna?

Come learn the Frankie Manning version of this classic dance. Saturday Jan
6th at 1:00pm at Fairmount Center for the Arts in Novelty OH. $25 for
adults, $20 for students. Class size limited to 25 people. **Hold your
place by contacting Andrea at TrimmerDance at gmail.com
<TrimmerDance at gmail.com>** Please bring a change of shoes in case it is
snowy/slushy/wet outside.

Swing and Tap dancers (and others!) welcome, but we will be primarily
learning the swing version. Tap dancers bring sneakers to learn and then
we'll put on our tap shoes at the end to do a few run throughs!

Instructor Bio:
Andrea Trimmer is a professional tap dancer in the Cleveland area who is
particularly skilled at, and interested in, learning, preserving, and
passing down historical tap dances such as The Shim Sham. Additionally,
Andrea's love of tap has strong ties to music and she defines herself as a
percussion artist as well as a dancer. Andrea strives to share her passion
for tap dancing via teaching, choreographing, producing, and by building a
thriving tap community here in Cleveland.
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