[NEohioPAL] Ladies need for swing dance class tonight! We have an overabundance of men wanting to learn to dance!

Valerie Salstrom info at gethepswing.com
Tue Jan 21 10:00:37 PST 2014

Seeking followers for both of tonight's Jitterbug classes. We have quite a few extra leaders in both classes but especially the beginner class from 7-8. If you have taken the beginner Jitterbug class before you can take it again for half price. Since you have missed the first week that means $20 for this week and the remaining four weeks. Please come help if you can! If you are new to Jitterbug or you would like to join the intermediate Jitterbug class you may take either of those classes for $40 or both for $80.  Hope to see you at the Brecksville Center for the Arts tonight! www.GetHepSwing.com

Valerie Salstrom
Owner of Get Hep Swing, Ltd.
info at GetHepSwing.com

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