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Hello from Lemodeln Model Talent Agency,

We represent our  MODELS ACTORS & Talent in various areas of the 
industry including print ads, catalogs, and brochures, TV commercials, 
TV and radio voice-overs, industrial on-camera and voice-overs, fashion 
show / runway, trade show / promotional, and Films. 
LeModeln also provides casting services for feature films and television
 projects. We are always looking for new Talent! We represent all ages 
and "types" - you do not have to be a "Perfect 10"! No experience in the
 industry? No problem! Here is a link to our Commercial. Also to our website. lemodeln

We at Lemodeln area full service Model and Talent Agency. We represent our
Talent in various areas of the industry including: print ads, catalogs, and
brochures; TV commercials; TV and radio voice-overs; industrial on-camera and
voice-overs; fashion show / runway; trade show / promotional; and Films.
has a fully equipped on-site casting facility for audio recording, still
photography and video auditions. As an added value service to our clients, we
can audition our talent for submission via video or audio. This saves our
clients valuable time and reduces production costs. Our clients can review the
tapes at their leisure without having to factor in time and travel constraints.
LeModeln also provides casting services for feature films and television
markets our Talent to the fullest possible extent. We provide specific-project
video and audio talent auditions to over 850 clients. In addition, we provide
all these clients with copies of our complete "head books* and voice-over
master tape, plus ongoing updates to both of these on a regular basis.

We need models to submit for acting and modeling positions.      Call Today . 

Call :      330-726-6441                     27 years in Business 

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