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Mon Jul 14 12:07:49 PDT 2014

My name is Shawn Brandt and I play electric bass, string bass and tuba and
am available to play in pit orchestras as well as give lessons.  I have
played in productions with Mercury Summer Stock, Blank Canvas Theater,
Cassidy Theater and at the Huntington Playhouse.  I have a bachelors in
music composition from Baldwin Wallace and a masters in music composition
from the University of Akron.  Next year, I will have a teaching license.

Shawn Brandt
Bachelors of Music - Music Composition
-Baldwin Wallace '11
Masters of Music Composition
-University of Akron '14
Music Education Post-baccalaureate
-Cleveland State University '15

(c) 216 470 1071

s.p.brandt at vikes.csuohio.edu
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