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*Dramatic comedy film, #50Fathers to screen in Akron*

     Independent motion picture studio Triangle Park Entertainment LLC and
its Chicago-based production partner, Madwerkz Studios LLC announced that
their motion picture, “*#50Fathers*” will be screened at the Akron Summit
County Public Library Auditorium (60 S. High St., Akron, OH 44326) on
Friday, June 12, 2015 at 6 pm. *#50Fathers* is a dramatic comedy written
and directed by Joddy Eric Matthews *(Seeing Tomorrow, The Deadly Return
Project, The Bubble)* and filmed in Northeast Ohio. *#50Fathers* will also
be made available June 5th to viewers around the world through
video-on-demand (VOD) on Reelhouse (www.reelhouse.org) and other prominent
streaming platforms.

            The story follows Dominique ‘Nique’ Hathaway, a blue-chip high
school athlete (Johnathon L. Jackson) as he prepares to sign a lucrative
professional sports contract to play football or baseball. He seemingly has
the world at his fingertips except for the one thing he desires most…a
father. He and a group of friends launch a social media campaign to attract
candidates to serve as a father to his younger brother, Tyree and himself.
Fifty prospects will be screened and the one selected will be paid $10,000
per month once Nique signs his pro contract.

            “This isn’t a sports film; it’s not about teams, touchdowns or
baskets. It’s about what’s really important in life... family,” says
Matthews.  “The focus is on the values of fatherhood and the importance of
family,” he adds. “We believe the timing is perfect for a film of this

            The *#50Fathers* soundtrack was constructed by the film’s Music
Supervisor Maurice of Akron and award winning Director Joddy Eric Matthews.
Maurice collaborated on the movie’s title track, “Cold, Cold World” with
Grammy Award winning guitarist Michael J. Calhoun, a founding member of the
group Dazz Band. Maurice, who doubles as Associate Producer, states, “When
this project started, I never dreamed we would have such an incredible
array of talent contributing to it. We are featuring some of Ohio’s top
musical talent and multiple international artists on the soundtrack as
well. Great stories with great acting call for great music.”

            Also adding 4 original songs to the film’s musical compilation
was Akron native musician/producer Eriq Troi (George Clinton, George Duke),
international actress turned musician DJ Coco Brown, NYC singer/songwriter
Peter Kelly, and more.

            "I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this project,” says
Maurice. “It's been life changing in many ways and I'm just excited to
bring it to my city (Akron).”

            *#50Fathers* stars Johnathon L. Jackson and Kyle Carthens with
Joseph Primes, Mikel Mahoney, Tati Ana, Giovanni Castiglione, Latecia D.
Wilson, Sonia Bishop and Denny Castiglione.

           Tickets to the Akron screening can be purchased at

*Denny Castiglione*
<denniscastiglione at gmail.com>

Website: *www.50Fathers.com <http://www.50Fathers.com> *
Ticket Link: *www.triangle-park.ticketleap.com
Video On Demand: *www.reelhouse.org/trianglepark/50fathers
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