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CPT is planning the 2016-2017 Season, and once again we are reaching out to you for great ideas.

CPT is focused on new work that is surprising, unexpected and somehow outside the realm of conventional theatre.

CPT is looking for proposals from Northeast Ohio artists for complete projects. Proposals may be for world premieres, second or third US productions, radical re-envisionings of classic plays or other projects. The show could be your own show or a script you would like to work on.

Based on the success of past co-productions and our Big Box series, we are also interested in creating opportunities for artists and groups that would like to retain greater ownership of projects and who can share risk with CPT.

Before sending a proposal:

*         Take time to look at CPT's recent seasons-these are excellent examples of our programming choices. Click Here for the Season Archive<http://www.cptonline.org/performances/seasons/>.

*         Get a sense of CPT's aesthetic and artistic sensibility-if you haven't seen a lot of shows at CPT, talk to people who have.

*         Keep in mind CPT's financial limitations.

*         If this is new/original project, think through its current state of development-is it still in early development or at the right moment for full production?

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals of complete projects should be 1-3 pages long, not including script or work samples, and must include:

*         a one page summary of the project:  including why this project fits CPT's mission and why it's important to you as an artist

*         your sense of what state the project is currently in and a general plan to bring it to completion

*          a resume for all primary artists involved

*         additional materials that will help us get a sense of the project: copy of proposed script, sample of past work, video, etc.

*        please mention if you are interested in co-producing options

Deadline for proposals is January 18th, 2016.

If you are submitting an idea for a play that is already written by an outside artist, please keep in mind that others may be proposing the same script (For example, just because you are suggesting the script does not mean that you have dibs on doing it at CPT).

Please be aware that CPT does not comment on why proposals are not selected. We occasionally make subjective artistic suggestions related to a project if we are asked to give feedback.

Please send your ideas electronically to CPT's New Play Associate, Caitlin Lewins at clewins at cptonline.org<mailto:clewins at cptonline.org>. Subject line: your name and "Season Proposal" - for example: Jane Smith, Season Proposal. Please post videos to VIMEO or other website and send link with proposal.

Caitlin Lewins
New Play Associate

Caitlin Lewins
New Play Associate
Cleveland Public Theatre
6415 Detroit Ave
Cleveland OH, 44102
(216) 631-2727 x211
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