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Have you ever watched a movie or a play and immediately wanted to talk to the writer to tell them how little sense their script made? Or maybe you wish they would have added in more information about the super cool sister character. Well - now's your chance.

Stow Players has a new program this year called the Emerging Playwrights Reading Series where local playwrights can submit their work to be presented in a Staged Reading where the audience is encouraged to give feedback.

On Monday, March 20th at 7:30pm we will be presenting a series of short plays written by local playwright Brandi Eaton at the Heritage Barn at Silver Springs. Admission to the performance is FREE. Reservations are not required.

The shows presented will be:

Telegram (One-Act) featuring Kyla Williger, Scott Davis, April Deming, and Al Klesh

A Hollywood Marriage (One-Act) featuring April Deming, Tom Stephan, Adrienne Jones, and Kyla Williger

Sentimental (Ten-Minute) featuring Kyla Williger, Tyler Barhorst, and Scott Davis

Tiny (Ten-Minute) featuring Kyla Williger, Tyler Barhorst, and Anna-Jeannine Kemper Herman

Idiots (Ten-Minute) featuring Anna-Jeannine Kemper Herman, Adrienne Jones, and Tyler Barhorst
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