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Porthouse Theatre, Kent State University’s summer professional theatre, seeks to hire a Facilities Manager for its Summer 2017 season.

Interested applicants should contact Karl Erdmann at kerdmann at kent.edu or 330-672-0117.


Start Date:  May 30, 2017
End Date:  August 15, 2017
Total Stipend: $5000

This is a full time position with Porthouse Theatre with hours that include evenings and weekends.
Position reports to Production Manager and Managing Director of Porthouse Theatre.
Responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following:

1.     Maintaining the operations of the Porthouse Theatre, Read Pavilion, Thornbury Picnic Pavilion, Hackett Pavilion and the grounds of Porthouse Theatre at Blossom Music Center. This includes responsibility for the condition of the lawn and flowerbeds, the picnic tables, the parking lot, signage on the property, the pavilions, the theatre, the dressing rooms, and the public and company restrooms.  Prepare all buildings and grounds for opening and closing of the season and work all events and performances for the season.

2.     Supervise, train, and work with student workers on the Facilities and Concessions Staff at Porthouse Theatre to do daily maintenance of theatre, concessions area, picnic Pavilions, flowers and flower beds and dressing rooms to maintain the overall appearance and safety of the Porthouse Theatre and grounds.

3.     Keep the insect and pest situation under control.
4.     Assist the Production Manager and Managing Director to facilitate and solve maintenance, concessions, personnel and materials problems as needed.

5.     Coordinate with box office and house management in matters of audience control, audience safety, parking and special needs during all performances and events.

6.     Work closely with the Porthouse nightly staff member in charge for performances to maintain a high level of customer service.

7.     Attend all staff and front of house meetings.

8.     Work with the Assistant Concessions Manager to supervise the running of the Porthouse concessions operation to include maintaining the inventory, ordering, bookkeeping, training and supervising.

9.     Work with Assistant Concessions Manager to arrange for the timely deposit of all concessions receipts.

10.   Work with Assistant Concessions Manager to maintain the Concession Stand standards as set by the Food Service Operation License we have with the Summit County Health District.

Joni L. Koneval, Marketing Associate
School of Theatre and Dance | Porthouse Theatre
Kent State University
(330) 672-0116 Office | jkoneval at kent.edu

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